ArcGIS Script for Assessing Hazards along Lifelines or Points

Format: Python script, .py

Date: 03/01/2018

Description: The Raster to Line tool extracts the values of a hazard raster, such as the landslide triggering or displacement maps included in OHELP, and assigns their values to a lifeline or network of lifelines. An additional search distance option allows users to identify nearby hazards that do not intersect with the lifelines, and a search for statistic option gives users a choice to identify nearby trends or extremes in hazard. Access to Files

Interactive Matlab Viewer for Assessing Hazard along Lifelines

Format: Executable, .exe

Date: 05/01/2017

Description: This interactive viewer allows one to scroll generate a O-HELP generated hazard profile along given linear infrastructure. This tool is intended to provide estimates of seismic and ground failure hazard information in the state of Oregon, primarily focused on highways. Access to Files

Seismic Slope Stability Analysis App (coming soon)

Format: Executable, .exe

Date: N/A

Description: This tool will enable user assessment of seismic slope stability and potential displacements for unique slope profiles consdiering pore water pressure, vertical and horizontal accelerations, and basic geotechnical data. The proposed approach employs Spencer's rigorous approach to assess slope stability.


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The presented products are only intended for instructive purposes. These products are the result of support of the Cascadia Lifelines Program. Questions? Please contact